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Half of Czechs do not have a decent wage (

  • The minimum decent wage for the Czech Republic is CZK 31,000. Most people work for less (Deník Referendum):

  • Deník Referendum
  • Decent wage – a tool for speaking up (Český Rozhlas Plus)

  • Český Rozhlas Plus
  • The minimum decent wage in the Czech Republic is more than CZK 31,000 gross, experts calculate (

  • Minimum decent wage? Not even half of Czechs can reach it, say experts who participated in the calculations (Radio Wave):

  • Radio Wave
  • We were curious about forms of economic insecurity, sociologist says about the decent wage (Seznam Zprávy)

  • Seznam Zprávy
  • 2020

    This year, more than half of Czechs will not reach a wage high enough for decent living (Aktuálně)

  • Aktuálně
  • Experts have calculated a wage for decent living. Half of Czechs can only dream of it (Blesk):

  • Blesk
  • The minimum decent wage of CZK 32,438 gross not reached by the majority of employees (Prima)

  • Prima
  • The minimum decent wage exceeds thirty-two thousand Czech Crowns. Most people can’t reach it (Deník Referendum)

  • Deník Referendum
  • 2022

    PThey work themselves to exhaustion, yet they can hardly make ends meet. Not even half of Czechs have a decent salary (Deník)

  • Deník
  • How much is the minimum decent wage? CZK 39,974 in Prague, CZK 33,909 outside Prague, a team of experts has calculated (iRozhlas)

  • iRozhlas
  • Is it normal to be able to pay for kids’ afternoon activities? Half of employees in the Czech Republic do not have a decent minimum wage (Alarm)

  • Alarm
  • New level of decent wages in the Czech Republic. Almost half of people do not reach it, the number of poor is growing

  • Aktuálně.cz
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